Wolf Creek Equestrian Center

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you love Horses this is the place to be. Located in Marmora Ontario this Equestrian Center boasts of lush fields, an indoor arena, friendly staff and lots of great riding trails. It’s a great place whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner. Wolf Creek is wrapping up their first winter Schooling Series Horse show on March 27th, 2011. There will be a Summer Schooling series as well. The show has been a great success so far and riders are pleased to have the opportunity to get their horses introduced to the show ring.

I got the opportunity to take part in the Schooling Series horse show. I am an inexperienced horse person and the horse I was showing is not quite used to the show ring. Satin, one of the horses being Boarded at Wolf Creek can be quite stubborn sometimes. But the show is all about learning and having fun. The show is open to all ages, There is a Junior Lead line where kids as young as 5 show their horses, Junior Showmanship and walk/trot and then there are a variety of senior classes.

My Little Sister, Crystal, who is 6 years old got to compete in Junior lead Line and she won a nice shiny red ribbon. Crystal was able to control a big thoroughbred horse named Sweets. Sweets is just one of those horses that will take on any rider and adapt to their level.

Pictured above is my 4 year old Daughter, Aurora, on Sweets. Sweets is a great beginner horse, she never bucks, she rarely gets spooked, she will go on trail rides, go at the rider’s pace and believe it or not she’s a young horse. She is less than 6 years old and when Wolf Creek purchased her they were surprised at what this amazing horse can do. Sweets is the first horse I have ridden on my own, and beginner riders are known to get her to trot within just a few lessons.

The horses have nice big grassy fields to frolic in but mainly they chow down on the fresh green grass. There are lots of shady and sunny spots for them to enjoy out in the paddocks.There is plenty of mud in the spring which keeps Wolf Creek Staff busy, the horses LOVE to roll in the mud so there is lots of spring washing and grooming, but come summer all the horses boast a nice clean shiny coat.

The horses are also spoiled. Sometimes they are spoiled with treats and other times with lots of attention. They love having their daily apple, however, in the picture above the hopeful horses did not end up getting the apple.

Wolf Creek’s smallest horse is Spirit and the biggest is Mr. Dean. Dean is 28 years old but he is still a handsome charmer. He keeps a watchful eye on everything and loves to greet visitors.

Wolf Creek is a fun place to be. The facilities are available to anyone who wants to rent the arena for a while or go on a nice trail ride. Need some lessons? No problem, bring your horse or learn on one of the resident horses. Wolf Creek offers many great services. For more information check out their website at  wolfcreek.ws .












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