It’s NEVER too early to think about Operation Christmas Child.

Posted: March 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Every year I look forward to filling out shoe boxes with gifts for children in other countries. Filling these boxes is fun and rewarding. I have seen enough videos and pictures to know the impact that these simple little boxes have on children who have virtually nothing. This Christmas I want to fill a lot of shoe boxes with goodies for these kids. Simple little dollar store toys that we take for granted are cherished by many of these kids. These children do not have access to the stuff that we have, they do not get to experience coloring or playing with a toy car. Samaritan’s Purse makes it possible for thousands of children around the world to experience Christmas, to experience the feeling that they are loved.

The above photo (Stolen from a friend’s blog) is children in Kyrgyzstan who have recently received their shoe boxes. These children do not have much so getting a box filled with a whole bunch of cool stuff is a real blessing to them. My friends (The Wrights) actually got to experience handing out the boxes to these kids.

This year I need help from all my friends. You can either donate a few items which I can distribute into boxes or help send a box by donating the $7 shipping cost.  OR if you want to fill out your own shoebox that would be absolutely awesome! It’s fun it’s easy and it’s very rewarding. Keep your eyes peeled while you shop, next time you are at the Dollar store pick up an extra toy. Or next time you are school supply shopping pick up an extra box of crayons or pens, pencils, notepads etc. It’s not expensive and you can decide what you feel like spending. Just remember the items must be new and must be able to fit inside the small box. Check out the picture above for some examples (Those items were some of the items I collected for last years boxes).

I have also decided to send boxes as Christmas gifts to my friends. The friends who normally get gifts every Christmas are instead going to have a shoebox sent on their behalf. I’m hoping none of my friends disagree, I’m certain that making a Child’s day is better than getting more Melaleuca Bath and Body Products for Christmas (But if you guys look forward to my bath and Body gifts, No worries I will gladly supply you for your Birthday lol) If you want to add something such as a personalized Card to the box let me know 😀 I believe that sending out these shoe boxes is a very meaningful gift and I hope that everyone else feels the same way. Nick and I would like items for the shoe boxes as a Christmas Presents to us, I know Christmas is far away so don’t worry we will remind everyone 😀

So This year, lets make a difference. Let us experience the true meaning of Christmas. It is never too early to start collecting for these boxes, I have to start early because it will be too overwhelming closer to the date. My Goal is to send more than 10 boxes this Christmas.  Please help us make that goal. Samaritan’s Purse is a Christian Organization and all the boxes are hand delivered by volunteer missionaries. I have had people ask questions of concern, people are worried about whether the boxes actually make it into the hands of children, they do because volunteers deliver them. The boxes are not just randomly shipped to other countries where corrupt government officials can hoard them. Not only are the kids given love in a box they are also given messages of Hope.

Items Needed:

Toys (New, not war related, small enough to fit in box.) Dolls, Barbies, Toy Cars, Balls, Skipping Ropes, Stuffed animals, Plastic figurines etc.

Care Items: Cloths, Hair Brush, toothbrush, socks, slippers, flip flops, shoes, T-shirts, soap, hair accessories, etc

School Supplies: Pencils, sharpeners, rulers, pens, note pads, crayons, etc.

Candy: Hard, wrapped candy such as lolipops, rockets, etc.

Personalized Letter or X-mas Card: If you want, provide a card that can include a message of love or even a picture of your family so the kid knows who sent the box. You can include your address and sometimes the kids write a letter of thanks.





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