Does Love at first sight last?

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I remember my “Love at first sight” experience. I was in grade 9 and I fell head over heels for a jock whom I NEVER talked to. I was convinced in my teen head that he was the one. I Loved him so much, I loved him as much as a Bieber fanatic loves Justin Bieber. I talked about this guy all the time and it drove my friends and family nuts! I was set on marrying this guy, having a family, buying a house with a white picket fence…

Love at First sight totally did not last for me. I never got to talk to the guy, I probably wouldn’t even like him all that much anyway. It’s just that the human mind can take a person and make you believe that they are Perfect when in reality they are not. But can Love at first sight last? For example, Those Bachelor/Bachelorette episodes, can two people fall in love and stay together till death do them part because they met on a reality TV show? What about other instances like Highschool or college sweet hearts? I’ve  seen my friends go head over heels for people they barely even know and they claim that they are the one but when they start dating the person they loath them.

I am going to answer Yes to my question. Love at first sight (Maybe second or third) can last. While I never experienced it myself I do know someone who has. There was this guy and he fell head over heels for this crazy girl with lots of baggage. He didn’t care that she had baggage, he LOVED her and that was his final answer. From day 1 he told himself “I’m going to marry this gal.” The girl scoffed and laughed at him. But that girl gave that guy a chance and while she was not head over heels for him at first she slowly got attached to him, fell head over heels in love over time and now they are married. True story. They started a family, got that house but still need that white picket fence…there is a cool stone wall though. Love at first sight does come true. I’m still a little iffy on the Bachelor and Bachelorette show but hey, you never know, maybe after dating a while while NOT being filmed they might actually like each other. That’s still a BIG maybe because we all know people are different when the camera rolls.

What about my story? I already told it. Nick, swear to God, told me he was going to marry me. He told me this BEFORE I said yes to dating him. I laughed at him all through Highschool. Heck all my classmates laughed too. But the little turd (yes Nick, that’s right TURD) was right.  I honestly don’t think any other Turd would have been strong enough to deal with my emo Baggage. So Nick, thankyou for falling head over heels for me and yes I’m Head over heels for you too…infact I did a back flip because I love you so much. Your still a Turd though.


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