HUGE Disaster

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

My Husband woke up this morning and told me that something was wrong in the world. When he has these feelings I get creeped out because he has NEVER been wrong when he states “Something BIG has occured or will be occuring”. So I go online to test his feelings and BAM I just about nearly fell off my chair. I give Nick the Look (Eyes wide open, jaw on the floor). Something is NOT right, right now.

Japan: This morning a 8.9 Earthquake hit off the coast. Japan has not seen an 8.9 since they started recording Earthquakes in the 1800’s. This is indeed HUGE!  The Quake has created a large Tsunami and waves are heading towards Hawaii, BC, any islands out in the Pacific and possibly the west coast of the USA. The entire Pacific rim is under a warning right now. Nobody has EVER recorded a quake this big(In Japan). This quake is making history. And while I am excited to be blogging about something big my prayers are with Japan right now. So Far about 300 are confirmed dead and there will likely be more. The Powerplant is facing a possible meltdown (Although reports are now coming back that this has been dealt with), there is a huge mess, and this country needs our help ASAP. Japan donated 1.5 milion to Katrina help, so I expect North Americans will do the same and help this country with their clean up efforts.

Since pretty much everyone’s blogs contain the same info I have decided to post a few tweets in my blog. I had a hard time accessing the tweets this morning as there are so many of them.

@Reuters Reuters Top News
FLASH: Tsunami of 10 metres hits port in Sendai, northern Japan; Power outage hits 4 million homes in Tokyo, surrounding area – Kyodo
@AlbertoMedrano Alberto Medrano
Between 200 to 300 bodies found in Japanese coastal city of Sendai // 😦
@MTVact MTV Act

by superherohq
8.9 magnitude earthquake in #Japan one of the strongest on record. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to @RedCross.
@itsweezie Weezie
Shocking videos emerge of the #Japan #quake via @huffingtonpost
@FreePresss FreePresss
Japan hit by massive quake, 23-foot tsunami wave; hundreds of deaths reported: Council of the Great City Schools…
CNNVideo CNN Video

by cnnbrk
Moment of the #Japan quake. Video:
The Top 10 Largest Quakes Ever Recorded:
1.  a 9.5 was recorded in Chile
2.   a 9.2 earthquake devastated Alaska in 1962
3. a 9.1 quake off the coast of Sumatra caused wide spread Tsunamis in 2004
4.  a 9.0 quake was measured in Kamchatka and caused a Tsunami that hit the Hawaiian islands in 1952
5. an 8.9 quake was recorded off the Coast of Japan March 11th 2011 causing a Tsunami
6. An 8.8 quake in Ecuador
7. an 8.7 was recorded off Rat Islands in Alaska in 1945
8. an 8.6 was measured in Indonesia in 2008
9. an 8.6 measured in Tibet
10. an 8.6 in Alaska in 1957
The Science Behind Japan’s Quake:
The Quake that occured is called a Megathrust EarthQuake. This is when one Techtonic plate goes beneath another techtonic plate. This is the only type of quake that can cause high Magnitude quakes. All of the quakes measured above 9 were all MegaThrust quakes.  They occur commonly in the Pacific Ocean in a zone known as the Ring Of fire. These quakes also last long, so the quake in Japan was probably felt for several minutes. Megathrust quakes almost always produce tsunamis. It is not uncommon for one of these quakes to occur in Japan as Japan is in the Ring Of Fire.
To best discribe this One plate (The Blue one in diagram above) Goes under another (The Red one) and causes displacing of water as well as trembling.
This type of fault is called a Subduction Zone because one plate goes under another. The Blue plate would be the Oceanic plate and the red can either be another oceanic plate or a continental plate. Subduction zones cause many quakes, volcanoes and they also create Mountains (Slowly). They are always moving and it’s simply a matter of time before it stresses and causes Seismic Activity.
I am loving the fact I get to refresh my Earthquake Knowledge. And today’s quake certainly will make history. My Prayers and thoughts go out to Japan as they deal with this disaster. And please, anyone reading, do not hesitate to help in the cause and donate some money even if it’s only pocket change. Every cent helps if we all do this together.

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