Earthquake Ramble

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have been following the coverage o the Japan Earthquake/ Tsunami pretty much all day. Infact I haven’t gotten any house work done. I’m keeping my eyes peeled to news reports and tweets about the Fukushima Power plant. Right now they are going through a possible meltdown. Radiation is 8 times normal and employees are being exposed to this radiation. I believe that the men and women battling the reactor are very brave and should be deemed heroes.  These people are working non stop trying to cool the reactor core so that there is no melt down, a meltdown at this power plant would be more devastating than Chernobyl.

I’m reading comments from people who claim that the earthquake is God’s wrath. People who write such things are fools. I believe in God, I believe in the Bible and I proudly say Jesus Christ is my hero, but the quakes are not God’s Wrath they are part of the cycle of Earth. earthquakes and volcanoes happen and it’s 100% natural. God does not make them happen…I’m sure if God decided to really shake the earth we’d probably know. Japan is located in an earthquake zone and they get what is called Subduction Convergent earthquakes. This is when a plate goes under another plate. Subduction quakes make up all of the Large scale quakes. Japan is located in the zone that has 80% of earth’s earthquakes. This is no big news, people know that large quakes can strike at ANY time, it’s called Science and it’s all part of Earth’s natural Occurrences. People hate to admit it but disasters and big storms are meant to occur, if they did not then Earth would not function properly.

I remember listening to my Geography Teacher discuss the next Subduction quake that will (Not if but will) take place in Canada’s west coast. Yes buildings there are strong but if a large Subduction quake were to hit it will cause devastation. Big quakes have already occurred near Alaska, they can happen at any time. So basically what Mr. Stubbs, my wonderful teacher stated was “Don’t move to British Columbia.” Well that sucks because I have friends and family in BC. I’d love to visit BC one day so I hope that Earthquake does not happen any time soon…or at all. I’ve also been told that if a 9+ were to hit BC we might feel it here in Ontario too…I guess we shall have to wait and see.

I have lived through 2 Earthquakes. Alright fine they were pretty lame. The first was the big quake of 1999 that hit Parts of Southern Ontario. It was a 2.9 and I was seated at the dinning room table stumped at the fact my house was shaking. The second one was the big quake of 2010, a lot of Ontario felt it, we made a huge deal  about it. I was at work (When I owned a store) standing at the front desk minding my own business when the ground started to rumble and sway nicely back and forth…again I calmly stood there registering the fact I was experiencing an earth quake. I then Happily went outside to inform everyone. The epicenter was somewhere in Quebec and it was a 5 on the Richter scale but I only experienced a 3. Ontario is on a fault line but definitely not a Subduction Fault line unless there’s a secret subduction fault line under Lake Ontario that we know absolutely nothing about. We are on a Transform Plate Boundary where the plates kind of just rub against one another and occasionally give out and freak Torontonians out. Some speculate we did not experience an Earthquake but that Mayor Ford simply jumped and the ground shook.

And that’s about all I have left to say about Quakes. I recommend studying the three types of quakes, it’s interesting. Then you can tell all your friends that you know something Scientific and they will go “Hey that’s cool” and then proceed to ignore you. When I discuss quakes with my best friend (My Husband) he goes on and on about the scientifics of Quakes then yells at me every time I forget a term from Grade 11 Natural Disaster’s class. I prefer to keep updated on my Tornado Knowledge because a Tornado hitting us is much more likely than any other natural disaster. No worries, I will surely blog about all my weather experiences come summer, but until then I will blab on about random earth disasters.

Also Don’t forget to donate to Japan, they need our help.


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