Bone to Pick with Mr. Groundhog.

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So it turns out my wonderful Husband does not wish to blog…it’s not his thing. I can’t force him so sniff sniff, I’m blogging solo. That doesn’t exactly prevent me from blogging about him though.

But I’m not here to mope around. I am here to talk WEATHER! I also have a bone to pick with the ground Hog who informed everyone that Spring was coming early.

So Mr. Wiarton predicted an early spring did he? Well It’s now March and there is a Blizzard outside. I live in Southern Ontario, it’s actually quite rare to get alot of snow in March. The last few years we had really Early Springs. 2 years ago in March I saw kids jumping in the cold River to cool off. Last year was quite nice too but the year that darn Ground Hog does not see his shadow spring does not come early.

Take a look at the lovely radar image to the Right. The system is HUGE! It’s not packing a big punch but man is it ever dumping us with snow and eventually rain to make it one big slushy mess. It’s March, come on. And before Easterners tell me to suck it up, I know, I understand, I was a proud Maritimer myself and I know very well that Mother Nature dumps snow (Mainly New Brunswick) in March and dumps alot of it. I remember going to Moncton on March Break back in 2004 and it was green in Ontario and there was 3 feet of snow in Moncton. I guess I can suck up the winter storm but still…It’s southern Ontario, we should be getting Tornado Warnings by now ><

Am I looking forward to complaining about Heat and Humidity? You Betcha! I do not mind fallen trees, everyone in town knows where to dump off tee branches and stumps (My Back yard). I will bon fire and/or fireplace any wood dumped off in my back yard. I’m just looking forward to all this snow melting so I can go out and Canoe in my pond again.

As for you Mr. Groundhog…sorry to say but you were off a little.


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