No longer an Unemployed “Winner”

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

By: Jess

As I was sitting on my computer and playing Cityville on facebook I got a phone call stating my Welcome package had been sent and I was to beging training the next day. Hoorah! My patience had succeeded and I am now on to a new journey as Charlie Sheen would call Employed “Loser”. For those of you who have not been following the Charlie Sheen dilema or do not know who Charlie Sheen is (Like My husband who couldn’t care less and stated this Sheen guy has no rights to be cooler than Chuck Norris), Charlie is an actor from the TV series Two and a Half men and he totally got fired from the show and now can’t afford his Coke habit. Anyways, Charlie Sheen joined twitter and called himself an Unemployed “Winner” so there was all this hype about it for quite some time. I was smacking my head thinking “Oh no! I’m an Unemplyed Winner like that guy I really dislike! GAH!” But my prayers were answered and I FINALLY got a job.

My job is awesome! Here is why:

This is a picture of me, in my comfy bathrobe, at home and working. No more worries about looking the greatest, no more makeup and fancy clothes, I do not have to walk or drive to work, I do not have to look outside and cry because it’s snowing or raining or too hot/cold. I get to crawl out of bed, throw any random comfy clothing on, grab my coffee, sit in my office and dial a phone number and start working.

I am an operator for a live conferencing company that does online web/phone conferences. 5 years ago people had to actually travle to conferences but now they can just be like me and crawl out of bed, dial a number and from the comfort of their home office listen to a conference. All I do is connect people, trouble shoot, take down info sometimes and in some cases, twiddle my thumbs waiting for a caller to actually call me. The downside is if I’m not doing an Operator assisted shift (One that the Operator, being me, takes EVERY caller and connects them) then I will only get a few calls which will likely be someone typing in the wrong pin number. The downside to this is I have to listen to the same elevator music song over and over and over again, the only time this aweful music stops is when I have a caller. Other than that and the fact I don’t get too many hours to start, it’s a great job. I get more than minimum wage too.

So now I am an operator. And I can still seek out an evening part time job somewhere, then I will have technically 5 jobs. As I am a Bulk food wholesaler, Melaleuca Company sales rep, Babysitter, operator and I have a feeling I’m going to be a waitress/kitchen prep for the restaurant down the road. I’m not only an Employed “Loser” I am a Super “Loser”. Charlie Sheen can be a Loser again too, Walmart is ALWAYS hiring.


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