Mecha Mania

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Our Gaming group is now currently playing a pencil/paper/Dice RPG called Mekton Zeta which is a Mecha based anime style game. Think Escaflowne (AWESOME SERIES) or Gundam (another AWESOME SERIES).

This is my first Mecha RPG experience but due to the fact I have watched both Escaflowne and Gundam Wing/ Gundam Seed, I have some experience with how a Mech game would run. The Character sheet was quite simple for this game and we use a 10 sided dice to roll for initiative, skill checks, hits, dodges etc.

We have 5 players in the mech party. Me, Nick (My Husband), Shane, Jay (Our Boarder/room mate), Smith and of course our game Master Davis. We made our player characters and Nick decided he wanted to name his character James. T. Kirk and act like James. T. Kirk, yes the Kirk from Star Trek. So Smith decided he wanted to name his character Scottie, again same Scottie from Star Trek. There was a theme here. Shane based his character off William Riker and Jay based his off Worf essentially…think anime character with Worf’s attitude. After I randomly rolled my character’s appearance and attitude I decided to name my character Tasha Yaar. So now we have an outter space mecha campaign with Star Trek like characters.

Our first mission was to intercept enemy forces and make them wet themselves. We succeeded and the only damaged mech on our side was of course Nick’s. Nick has this game curse, any game he plays he always damages his armor/equipment. In the Zombie RPG he goes through armor like nobody’s business, in the Super hero campaign the same thing happens. He is simply cursed, but he has never had a character death. Nick likes to play the annoying disruptive character. Jay likes to complain about this. Shane is the one in our group who ALWAYS has character deaths. Smith and I tend to always keep the same characters through any RPG campaign.

I decided Tasha Yaar was rather boring so I renamed her DuPree. If anyone has read the online comic “Girl Genius” that’s the Dupree I am talking about. Bangledesh DuPree, the cruel, maniacle, pain inflicting, crazy person. I have decided when it comes to battling the enemy I would take a DuPree attitude about it. I will enjoy scaring them, I will enjoy inflicting pain and I will LOVE blowing other mechs up because it’s fun. I mean look at her picture (On the Right) she looks pure evil! If you think that’s bad, she’s even worse when she smiles. I totally reccomend reading the Comic Series “Girl Genius” it’s very funny, entertaining and interesting.

I am looking forward to continuing in this Mecha Campaign, I’ve played one session so I do not yet know how interesting it will turn out to be. Now that I have a set character attitude I’m sure my Roll playing abilities will be a little more interesting than just an average passive character. RPG’s are lots of fun and I totally reccomend playing them if you are the social, acting loving, imaginative, geeky type. There’s an RPG out there for anyone. Join the Dork side of the Force and get into Pencil/paper and Dice RPG’s, I challenge you.


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